How to Enjoy Your Travel When You’re a Handyman

Even handymen need some time off their challenging jobs. Aside from all the building, maintaining, and repairing they have to take a break from, they also deserve to get away from all the demands that homeowners and other clients make. Remember, they are some of the most patient employees when it comes to dealing with a customer’s needs and wants. Because they work hard, these people are worthy enough to go on long vacays once in a while, either with family and friends. But what if the handyman can’t stop being a handyman? Well, the two tips below can help. If you know a handyman, share this post with him! And if you are one, then don’t forget these tips!

Ignore stuff that needs fixing


I know, I know. A handyman who has a lot of experience fixing things can sense anything that needs repairing from a mile away. Even during a vacation, you may not be able to prevent yourself from restoring something especially when you know you can fix it with ease. This, however, could jeopardize your plans or worse your entire trip. The best thing to do is to ignore the stuff that you think should be repaired. How can you do that? Stick to your itinerary. Always check the time. Remind yourself that you came to that place to rest and not to work. Bear in mind that you will have a lot of fixing time AFTER you take a break. And make sure someone else can remind you if ever you can’t stop yourself! If you’re too addicted to mending things, then it’s best to set the alarm on your phone, say every two or three hours, telling you to relax and stop thinking about work. However, this tip is flexible enough to allow you to work. When are you allowed to fix things? When your service is vital and when your “repairing magic” can be a great help to someone’s life or livelihood. Doing good through your skills can make you feel good, and isn’t that what vacations are all about?

Forget about your tools

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Unless needed for emergencies, forget the devices you own, especially the ones that need an upgrade. You’re on vacation for goodness’ sake! Don’t get too attached to your tools that they’re the only ones you think about even when you’re getting a massage or lying on the soft, white sand of a beautiful beach. Don’t remind yourself about how efficient your new weed eater is and how excited you are to cut the weed off of Mrs. Banks’ backyard on Monday. Forget that you recently bought a paint sprayer and that you’re more than ready to paint the library walls of Mr. Goldberg. Don’t even think about your newly acquired miter saw that can do wonders in your garage. No. Stop thinking about them. Concentrate on the fun you can have without your tools. Give your hands the time they deserve away from your handyman tools.


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