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France is such a big place. The people are product of inter relationship of different cultures which makes it more interesting. Their culture is a mixture of Celtics, Latin and Germans. Every culture has its own contribution in how the people interact, think, and live. According to, French people are very friendly and warmly welcome tourist, which is a good thing. Here are another things that describe French people.  

French People Love Passionately

What comes first to your mind when I say a place of romance? Paris, probably. Thousands of newly wed couples visit Paris to spend their honeymoon vacation. Love is in the air literally in Paris. The structures are old style which brings us back in the time of Shakespeare, the king of romantic poetry. The people here love that way. Their romantic life is full of passion, adventures, twist and turns. There’s even a term invented for infidelity “cinq-à-sept “. It the extracurricular activities outside your marriage that you will consider foul. According to some, they do cinq-à-sept  because it spices up their marriage.

They Value Learning

France has been known as the home of artists, inventors, and the unique. When all other countries despise these talented artists and considered them too unique to be part of the normal society, France welcomed them with open arms. Now, France has become the symbol of classic art and the works of the talented people who they welcomed and nurtured, are now priceless. France has reaped the benefits of having an open mind to the uniqueness of individuals. It is now full of beautiful structures that you can’t just find anywhere. It’s nice that the people kept the attitude of their ancestors. Check to find out the list of the most famous artist in France and their work. 

They Look on What You Wear

Ever since, France is advance with latest fashion designs which soon the other countries adapt. In the medieval period, You will be considered a noble girl if you have at least one ball gown from France. They have passion to make everything appear beautiful. They don’t see your heart, they see what you wear. To find out how France became the fashion capital of the world visit: and also the get to know the top fashion designers in France: