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You will never run of out of the things you can do and places to visit here in France. It has full of art galleries, museums, restaurants, sceneries, and parks where you can spend your precious time. I wish we could enlist all the worthy places you should visit in France but don’t worry there will be upcoming posts about the interesting places in France and they will be well written and detailed to provide you with the perfect guide. 

People staring at Eiffel Tower The Eiffel Tower

This fact is no-brainer. The first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Paris is the Eiffel Tower. The Tower holds many memories of millions of lovers around the world. When visiting Eiffel Tower, consider the time and the weather. In my opinion, it is preferably be visited in the afternoon or in the evening. You will enjoy the lights and the companionship of other lovers in the place. Did you know that people become more romantic during evenings?

French Alps View French Alps

Most visitors love to go here during winters when the ice are thick and firm. If you want some adrenaline adventure, go for a ski in this amazing view and slope that will surely pump up your blood like never before. Mont Blanc is the highest peak in France and an awesome place for action and fun. Aim for the top and ride Aiguille du Midi cable cars to enjoy the breath taking view while resting your numbing legs for a bit.

Architecture and View of Lore Valley

Lore Valley

Lore Valley is the place to go for lovers who want to walk and bike. There are bike rentals all over the place so you can explore the châteaux in the area. Aside from the calming scene of Lore Valley, you can enjoy activities happening in the place like dog shows, parade, and other gimmicks to make your tourist experience complete. 


You may visit to get a list of cities and tourist spots that you can visit. We may have recommended you some places to go but it will be best to make your own discovery as well. France has so many things to offer you. Make sure to read our pages to ensure you get the basics about France.