Limited Budget? No Problem

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Going on a vacation doesn’t have to be expensive and bank breaking occasion. There are ways you can go on vacation without using all your savings. We will provide your tips on how you can get at trip to France without breaking the bank.

Book Your Flight Early

Airline companies usually give discounts to early birds. Booking your flight early will get you prepared and at the same time you can get the best deals and discounts. Utilize applications and websites to find out which airline company gives the best price. Visit to get the latest discounts offered by hundreds of airline companies around the world. In booking flights, timing is very important. If you really want to save on your plane ticket, find out which months and seasons the flight cost less. That’s where Bing Travel’s Price Predictor comes into play.

Rent a Room Instead of Going to A Hotel

This is the new fad for back packers. If you are not that particular in this matter and what you really wanted is a place to sleep, then this budgeting tip will work out for you. Renting a room may not offer all the amnesties that a hotel can offer, that’s the catch. But you will save twice compared to checking-in in a hotel. You may use online resources to find a room near your travel destination. One best example is, they provide you with a list of willing homeowners to rent their spare room for you for a fraction of the cost.


I just invented this word. The best resource you can have is knowing someone in the area. Locals know where is the best restaurants and hotels in the area. They are the most reliable source you can have to get the most out of your money.

Commute All The Way

Instead of hiring a driver and paying for the car daily rate, why don’t you commute? It’s not that bad at all. It lets you feel that you are one of the locals there and get you to experience their public transportation. This is not advisable if you have to much stuff with you. But what I did is I rented a room that is very strategic to my travel plan. It’s like the center of all my travel destinations. I left my belongings in the room (the non essential ones) and just brought important things such as my passport, credit card, cash and my favorite clothes then I commute all the way back and forth.

I hope that you may have the best vacation thus far! Stay safe!



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