How To Look Like A French Chic


Finally, you are going to France! You will now fulfill the fantasies of your dreams. It’s time to pack your bag and go to the airport and fly your way to France. But what are the things you need to remember when it comes to bringing items to France? Make sure to bring stuff that are fashionable yet are simple. Quite complicated? No. Let me help you in making you look like a French Chic in no time.

Don’t Over Accessories

French are fashionable but they do it in balance. They want to look simple yet sophisticated. It’s okay to accessories as long it’s not too much. You can wear bangles and a ring but don’t wear a necklace anymore. French woman use accessories for clothes that are plain. For example, they are wearing white t-shirt and blue pants, this out fit is very plain looking so they would use striking necklace pieces to level up their fashion. It’s like their way of saying, “I’m feeling lazy today but I never forget fashion.”

Kick The Cold Through Your Kick-Ass Blazers

French woman are obsessed with blazers because it makes any outfit look semi-formal. You can partner it anywhere may it be a dress or pants, a black blazer will give it a nice extra touch.

They Like Flats

This is the trending in French Fashion today. Slip-ons are nice on every outfit plus they are super comfortable too compared to wearing high-heels. Flats are perfect for tourist like you specially if you are planning on going for long walks and other activities that requires you to use your feet.

Beat The Sun With Your Sunglasses

Make sure to bring your sunglasses to protect your eyes from too much sun. There’s another benefit you can get from bringing sunglasses, you will look cool and fashionable. French chics love to wear sunglasses because it brings some class and personality to the outfit. Bigger sunglasses are preferable.

Bring Your Scarf

Scarf is another accessory you could use if you are wearing plain and simple outfit. You can hang it on your neck and knot it beautifully. You can bring neutral colors to make sure that it will match any outfits you have. You don’t want to bring too much stuff because you will pay extra in the airport.

Put Some Lipstick

This is the make up that French chic can’t live without. Adding some colors on your lips instantly changes the aura of your face. You don’t need anything else on your face aside from an SPF and a lipstick.


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