Food Facts

Big Chunk of meat

This page will not be about the recipes of French cooking but rather about the idea of French cooking and dining. French cuisine is accepted in the rest of the world due to its simplicity and delicious taste. Like other countries, French value the dining experience. If they share a meal with you, that means you are a person of importance. That’s how they respect the meal and their time.

Dining is Like Music

Like music or song, there has to be an introduction. Light soup and appetizers will be served during the introduction phase. Chefs love to cook stew with celery, carrots, and onion leaks (just my observation). After the introduction here comes the chorus, this would be the main dish. It could be anything beef, chicken, and seafood spiced with different herbs and spices. Once chorus is done, it’s time for the ending. They’ll serve you with dessert and appetizers to end you dining experience with full satisfaction

It’s All About The Quality of The Ingredients

They are into fresh stuff. One perfect example would be oysters which they call huîtres fraîches. If the oysters are fresh, they’d rather eat it raw, just add some lemon and a bit salt and they are sold. They are into steaks and you will probably notice that most of French people would other medium rare.

They Love Flavor

French Cuisine is about flavor. It could be the flavor of the meat or flavor coming from the layers of spices they put into the dish. They are very particular about flavors, and most of their stews are bursting with flavors and will make you wonder “why is this stew tastes so different?”

If you are foodie, French cuisine will definitely become one of your top-picks. They are delicious, simple and really healthy. Explore the restaurants in France by going to and They have good lists of high rated restaurants wherever you are in France.